Captain Justin Ragsdale
Hello, welcome to Breakday Charters, my name is Justin Ragsdale.
I have a lifetime of fishing experience and 18 years of boating experience that combined with my Biology degree will ensure we have a successful, safe, and knowledgable day on the waters surrounding Morehead City, NC, located on the beautiful and wild Crystal Coast.
From novice to experienced, child to adult, all are welcome and I look forward to spending a quality day with you on the water. The day is about you; after all, you aren’t at work, school, or trying to finish that list of chores, its your breakday. I once had to be the one who was catching all of the fish, but after fatherhood it dawned on me the importance of sharing the angling experience and the smile it brings to the face irregardless if it is the first fish or the thousandth fish.

Bring the Family.  Fun for All.

I want this sport to survive and I want the resource and opportunities to be there for following generations. I support catch and release and I support harvesting of fish, but lets not take more than we can utilize. I will work hard to put you on fish, but I will also point out that sunrise, those gliding pelicans mere inches off the wave, or that sea turtle (who hopefully has a cobia shadowing) for the ultimate angling experience.
Tight lines, Captain Justin.
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